Art Lineage.
Has Yevs Klein no heirs?
"Anish Kapoor and Joseph Beuys were in a sense the followers of his art. Kapoor asked me the permission to make a red monochrome, acknowledging the paternity of Yves. But in general, our age has lost the ability to dream and the spiritual dimension that Yves had."
Rotraut Uecker, artist, sister of Gunter Uecker and wife of Yves Klein. She is in the photo above, on the left, where the backstage, before retouching, of the famous shot with the “Leap in the void” by Yves Klein in 1960 is shown.
Marcel IJzerman
Graduation Work

Kazimir Malevich in his deathbed, surrounded by his works, under the sign of The Black Square (photo 1935).

"Bury me beneath the Black Square"
Nikolai Suetin’s arkhitekton coffin for Malevich (1935), front view.

- Anish Kapoor ; so eine nice Ausstellung
Where is Ana Mendieta?
Piet Mondriaan in zijn appartement/studio